Gregory J. Welk Patient Testimonial

Full Abdomen Liposuction

Why did you choose to have advanced Lipo?

Honestly, I was getting out of hand! Turning into a real “butterball” myself – image was at an all-time low. Something had to be done!!

Why did you choose Jenesis lipoplasty by Dr. Jane?

I interviewed a number of providers and decided that I liked Dr. Jane best. Her outgoing personality, sunny disposition and pleasant demeanor won me over easily. Also, her staffs were friendly and supportive as well.

How was the experience?

About as pleasant as this type of evolution can be. Dr. Jane made me as comfortable as possible and did her job in outstanding fashion.

What has this procedure done for you?

I lost a lot of weight! As a result my self-confidence has improved 110 %, I can fit comfortably into my clothes again. I can appear in public with no shirt and not feel like a spectacle.

Would you recommend this procedure to a friend?


Before & After