Martha Lopez Patient Testimonial

Full Abdomen Liposuction
Buttock Fat Transfer

Why did you choose to have advanced Lipo?

I had no other choice. The exercise and diets where not enough and there were no results with me losing the weight.

Why did you choose Jenesis lipoplasty by Dr. Jane?

I did lots of searching on line. The pictures and credentials the doctor had were magnificent! This gave me confidence to come in for an appointment.

How was the experience?

The experience was good. I had some minor pain but with the comfort and care the nurses and doctor gave me, I felt better.

What has this procedure done for you?

My self-esteem has gone up. I feel confident with myself. I am grateful to the doctor, she has been an angel to me.

Would you recommend this procedure to a friend?

Hands down. I will recommend to anyone. I am talking and referring friends all the time!

Before & After

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