Theresa Tkach Patient Testimonial San Jose

Full abdomen and Thigh Liposuction
Laser Upper Eyelid Lift
Acitve FX Full Face Laser Lift

Why did you choose to have advanced Lipo?

I am in my fifties now with not a lot of downtime. When I do have some downtime, sometimes it is hard for me to get motivated.  Over the last few years I have noticed unwanted fat starting to “bulge” out more and more.  My body wasn’t in the shape it used to be and I was at the point of not wanting to go to the gym because of the way I looked so going to the gym for me was not an option anymore.  And of course my eating habits were not all that great either.  I decided Lipo was the easiest and fastest way for me to get back on track.  Then I would feel better about myself and go back to the gym to look better and better!

Why did you choose Jenesis Lipoplasty by Dr. Jane?

After I did some research and went to a few consultations, I decided Dr. Jane was the doctor to help me get back into the shape I have longed for.  What stood out about her the most was her eye for beauty and hands of a perfectionist.  I was very impressed by her experience with Lipo and the way she perfects the minor procedure.  She explained to me I would gain some tightening of my skin as I healed, which I was very happy to hear!  She let me know that during the procedure she would not only perform the Lipo, but sculpt and mold my body as well.  I have such nice shape now, and much more symmetrical than before.

How was the experience?

Everything went as Dr. Jane and her staff said it would go.  If I ever had any questions they were always there to walk me through any unsureness I had.  I had some minor soreness for the next few weeks, but nothing that made me stay in bed or in the house!  I was completely amazed at how fast I recovered.

What has this procedure done for you?

It has made me feel better about myself.  I know go to the gym willingly 3-4 times a week, and feel comfortable in my own clothes.  I can wear my bikini again without feeling self-conscious, or feeling like all my rolls and bulges are hanging out.  My husband loves my “young again” body.  I am even down 2 sizes then I was prior to Lipo and I owe it all to Dr. Jane!

Would you recommend this procedure to a friend?

Yes I would.  Dr. Jane has hired staff that are extremely professional in every aspect.  Dr. Jane is a perfectionist herself and treats your own body as if it were her own.  My friends see the difference in the way my body looks and the attitude of myself.  I am so much more confident now and extremely satisfied!

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