A lot of people have some amount of unwanted fat which they would like to reduce, but not everyone is comfortable with surgery. If you’re unsure about undergoing an invasive cosmetic procedure such as liposuction, typically used for fat removal, then you might like to consider Zerona body contouring.

Zerona is a safe and effective procedure that requires no anesthetic, no incisions, and no downtime. This means you can lose inches without experiencing any pain!

How it Works

The Erchonia® Laser Scanner is used in Zerona body contouring for shrinking the target subcutaneous fat lying underneath the skin. It enables fat absorption by the natural cleansing mechanisms of the body. Clinical studies demonstrate that the low level laser used in Zerona helps in stimulating the fat cell for emulsifying the fat within.

This liquefied fat within the cell then travels via a temporary pore to an interstitial space outside of the cell until it gets absorbed by your body’s lymphatic system. Several million fat cells become smaller as a result of this process and you’ll be able to see inches shed off your hips, thighs, and waist.

A great advantage of the Zerona non-invasive body contouring treatment is that it does not injure the body’s fat cells in any way.

Why Zerona Body Contouring Works

The standard liposuction procedure has the impact of reducing fat cells from a specific body area. This significantly reduces cells in that area where fat could again accumulate over a period of time. Zerona on the other hand makes use of non-invasive laser technology that does not involve killing or excessive damaging of cells.

The procedure merely modifies their physiological structure allowing them to empty out the fat which is then taken up by your body’s natural biological mechanisms and passed out through the lymphatic system. In the body’s blood stream, the fat might be metabolized and used as energy and some might be absorb by various cells in the bodt.

The effects of the laser is distributed among all the fat cells instead of just a particular area. The result is a significant reduction of fat in the areas targeted by the laser.

There is absolutely no downtime involved in the Zerona laser treatment. You will not experience any discomfort during the procedure and it does not require the administration of any anesthesia. Patients can resume their normal activities immediately after every treatment.

Zerona Sessions and Results

The typical Zerona treatment protocol involves a series of six sessions that are spread out over a period of two weeks. Patients should stick to their pre-decided treatment schedule as this will help ensure optimal fat reduction.

Each Zerona body contouring session lasts for approximately 40 minutes. The laser targets the front of your body for 20 minutes and the back of your body for 20 minutes.

In order to enjoy the best results the Zerona body contouring treatment can provide for a long period of time, doctors recommend following a healthy and well-balanced diet as part of your daily routine.

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