Zerona is a brand new laser technique that many have termed the “future of liposuction.” It is a low-level laser light technology used for performing liposuction. This treatment is a non-invasive method of dissolving unwanted fat.

The Zerona process is absolutely painless, and no anesthesia is required for this procedure. It is an extremely safe and effective technique of body slimming. The process is described here in greater detail.

The Zerona Procedure

The low-intensity cold laser used in Zerona treatment liquefies fats within the fat cells. A temporary pore, or tiny hole, is made on the cell wall. The liquefied fat escapes the cell through this pore. This helps to reduce the size of the fat cells. Once outside the cell, the fat is in the interstitial space, where it gets absorbed by the lymphatic system.

Through the procedure, millions of fat cells are reduced in size, consequently reducing the size of your hips, buttocks, abdomen, thighs, or any other treated area. The best thing about this procedure is that it does not harm any of the cells.

During the treatment, you will lie down under a set of Zerona lights. Each body part will be treated for 40 minutes; you will spend 20 minutes on your front and 20 minutes on your back. No discomfort of any kind is felt during your procedure.

You will be given a minimum of six treatments. There cannot be a gap of more than 72 hours between each treatment, because that could allow some of the escaped fat to get absorbed back into the fat cells.

After Your Treatment

There is no recovery time needed after a Zerona treatment. Instead, you can go back to your normal routine immediately. There is no pain, bruising, or swelling.

The results are long term, and improved results can be seen with additional treatments. Results can be seen after a couple of sessions, generally after four or six sessions. Sometimes, results can be seen as early as after two weeks.

Liposuction vs. Zerona

While liposuction is an invasive procedure, Zerona is completely non-invasive, making it ideal for those who wish to avoid surgery.

During liposuction, anesthesia needs to be administered, and entire sections of fat cells are suctioned out. With Zerona, low-intensity laser is applied externally to stimulate, emulsify, and reduce fats. There is no chance of any injury.

Treatment Protocol

Treatment generally lasts for two weeks. You can continue with your normal activities during the treatment, but you will have to follow certain codes of practice. These include the following:
•Remaining hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day – preferably, eight to ten glasses
•Eating healthy
•Exercising regularly – walking for at least 30 minutes a day
•Staying off alcohol and caffeine. These have the ability to hamper the lymphatic process of fat removal.

The Zerona procedure is not meant for women who are pregnant or are breastfeeding. Those who have a pacemaker should avoid undergoing this procedure. It will not be effective for people who have diabetes and thyroid disorders, because their metabolic system is somewhat impaired.

Interested in a Consultation?

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