Scarless Breast Reduction San Jose

Scarless Breast Reduction for Women with Advanced Vaser Liposuction: That is what’s so exciting about Liposuction: Excessively large female breasts cause shoulder pain and suffering, physical impairment and psychological problems. Chronic changes in posture in an effort to compensate for the weight of excessively large breasts can lead to chronic pain in the back, neck, and shoulders.

Chronic pressure from bra straps can cause permanent indentations of the shoulders

Chronic pressure from bra straps can cause permanent indentations of the shoulders. Large breasts can predispose women to candida yeast infections of the skin in areas where the skin rubs together, such as between the breasts and beneath the breasts. A woman who has very large breasts may regard them as cosmetically undesirable. Finding a bra that fits and is comfortable may be impossible. Clothing does not fit well.

Many women with overly large breasts would like to remove volume while retaining (or regaining) a beautiful breast shape. Liposuction breast reduction can be used as a stand-alone procedure or used in conjunction with traditional breast reduction surgery.

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Scarless Breast Reduction for Women Scarless Breast Reduction for Women Scarless Breast Reduction for Women

Scarless Breast Reduction for Women

  • Rapid recovery. The typical patient can return to work and normal social activity within two to three days after surgery
  • Virtually no scars
  • Reduction of 20 to 50 percent of the breast volume
  • Minimal risks of postoperative complications

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can this be done?

A. Advanced liposuction of the female breast totally by local anesthesia can produce both a significant breast reduction and a moderate but gratifying breast lift. The use of microcannulas with Microaire Powered Liposculpting can give you the breast reduction with minimal postoperative pain, rapid postoperative recovery, a quick return to normal activities, and most importantly, no scars. Not only can liposuction reduce the female breast by more than 50 percent in size, the breasts are also lifted to a significant degree

Q. Who is a Good Candidate?

A. The best candidates for breast reduction by tumescent liposuction have breasts that contain a large proportion of fat. For example, women who have passed through menopause typically have breasts that contain a larger proportion of fat than do teenagers. A good candidate must also have realistic expectations.

Q. What is a realistic Expectation?

A. Breast reduction by liposuction will produce a smaller version of the breasts that a woman had before liposuction. One can expect the breasts to be significantly smaller, to be elevated and to show virtually no scars. However, the breasts’ overall shape will be very similar to their shape before liposuction. Liposuction will usually not produce young “perky” breasts. The elevation of breast position is the result of decreased breasts’ weight and the elastic properties of the suspensory ligaments in the breast.

Q. Who is Not a Good Candidate?

A. Excessively pendulous breasts, Thin young women with the breasts containing mostly glandular breast tissue with little fat, Excessively large breasts, Excessively dense breasts, Family history of breast cancer.

Q. Do I need preoperative mammograms?

A. Preoperative mammograms should be considered in order to rule out existing malignancies, and to establish an up-to-date baseline mammogram with which future mammograms might be compared. Similarly, after breast reduction, mammograms should be done within 3 to 6 months in order to establish new base-line mammograms. With traditional breast reduction by surgical excision, it is not uncommon to encounter postoperative inflammatory nodules, and lipid filled pseudocysts. These conditions may make it difficult to interpret future mammograms without good baseline mammograms for comparison.

Q. What is the difference from surgical breast reduction?

A. Inflammatory nodules and pseudocysts are rare after liposuction of the female breast. Liposuction removes fatty tissue from the breast, and mostly spares the glandular breast tissue that is responsible for the production of milk. There is so little trauma to the breast tissue that x-ray examinations of the breast, known as mammograms, usually appear normal after microcannula liposuction of the female breast. In contrast, after excisional breast reduction, x-ray mammograms show calcification and other changes in appearance.

Q. What is recovery like?

A. Breast reduction with Vaser liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure which is performed with local anesthesia. Most people are able to return to work in a couple of days and can start exercising after 2 weeks.