Medical Weight Loss San Jose

What We Do

Are you tired of being overweight? Would you like to look and feel better? We can help you beat the weight gain. We offer effective programs that will help you learn how to live a healthier life. We can provide you with a diet customized to fit your lifestyle and help you lose fat, not muscle.

When you get tired of the constant weight gain, we can help you out. Let us teach you how to implement a healthier diet into your life so that you will lose weight at a constant, healthy pace. We can teach you which foods are best for your body and how to make your metabolism work to lose fat around your middle. Let us show you how to become the best version of you.

Medical Weight Loss Programs 

Dr. Jane and the medical weight management team will:

  • Pinpoint and manage the root causes of your excess weight
  • Develop an individualized diet, exercise, and health plan
  • Monitor and adjust your weight loss program at every step
  • Develop a realistic, yet effective, post-diet maintenance (long-term weight management) plan

The Jenesis Weight Loss Program Options

Medical Weight Loss of Jenesis a variety of nonsurgical weight loss programs including appetite suppresants, vitamin B12 shot, low calorie diets, lipodislove injection,and Triactive program.