Out of Town Patients

Out-of-town patients represent a large part of our practice. Our goal is to make the out-of-town surgical experience as smooth as possible. Some of these patients already have accommodations with friends or family, but many patients do not. Our surgery coordinators are here to assist out-of-town patients with comprehensive pre and post-surgery care, transportation, meals and lodging. We can tailor out-of-town surgery plans to specific medical and financial desires of our patients. We can arrange Registered Nurses or Care Givers for out-of-town patients’ post-surgery care if needed. The length of time you will need to stay locally is determined by which procedure you are having. We are accustomed to accommodating out-of-town patients and are pleased to provide as little or as much help as desired.

Here are a link we think you will find helpful in planning for your trip:

  • Larkspur Landing Campbell (They provides a shuttle services to our facility and complimentary breakfast with special rate. Please mention about Jenesis Lipoplasty and Laser when you make a reservation)

Please contact our office for more information regarding out of town patients.

Pre Visit Consultation

Our patients come from near and far. For patients coming from afar, we can often eliminate the need to make more than one trip here for your surgery. This would require a phone consultation with Dr. Jane and her review of your photos via e-mail or traditional mail. Once you and Dr. Jane have determined which procedures are most appropriate, Dr. Jane and you will be in contact as much as needed prior to your surgery to answer all of your questions and allay any concerns you might have. We will ask you to arrive the day before your surgery so that you and Dr. Jane can meet face to face and discuss any last minute questions or concerns.

Please keep in mind that all pre-operative clearance must be obtained ahead of time. We will send you the requested pre-operative forms for you to take to your doctor and ask that you make arrangements to have the completed forms faxed back to us at least 1 week prior to your surgery. If you are not currently under the care of a physician, we will do our best to provide you with a few physicians close to where you live.