Collagen is a critical component in the body’s creation of dermal (skin) tissue. If collagen production begins to subside over time, treatments like Ultherapy® can be used to reinvigorate this process for tighter, smoother, and more youthful-looking skin.

Skin Rejuvenation at Jenesis Lipoplasty & Laser

Ultherapy® is just one of many ways we can reinvigorate the skin at Jenesis Lipoplasty & Laser in San Jose, CA. Dr. Jane Chung’s decades of medical experience have allowed her to create this state-of-the-art cosmetic practice focusing on non-invasive and minimally invasive aesthetic procedures.

Her goal is to use her artistic gifts and medical knowledge to give her patients the best results possible without the use of more intense plastic surgery techniques. During your initial consultation, you will discuss your treatment objectives and medical history. If your symptoms are a good match, we may recommend Ultherapy®.

What Is Collagen?

Collagen is one of the main protein building blocks used to create dermal tissue. Since 80 percent of the dermis is made up of collagen, the robust, continuous creation of this protein contributes to smooth skin that is uniform in texture and tone. However, natural collagen output can begin to slow down from aging as well as from sun damage, trauma, and other factors.

What Are Some Symptoms of Low Collagen Production?

Unfortunately, a lack of sufficient collagen in the dermis can present as various types of skin laxity across the face and neck. These symptoms could include one or more of the following:

  • Wrinkles
  • Eyelid sagging
  • Sunken brows
  • Jowls
  • Double chin
  • Hanging skin on the neck, also known as “turkey neck” or “turkey gobbler”

How Is Ultherapy® Used to Stimulate Collagen Production?

Ultherapy® is a non-invasive procedure utilized to encourage renewed collagen production in the body using ultrasound energy. These sound energy heat waves are aimed directly at key points within the deep, underlying layers of the skin.

The layers above are unaffected, but below, the body’s wound-healing response is activated. As a result, an increased level of collagen production begins, leading to rejuvenated skin. In addition, the release of ultrasound waves creates an image that allows Dr. Chung to see precisely where the energy is needed.

Can Ultherapy® Be Combined With Other Procedures?

Yes! While Ultherapy® is excellent for reaching the deepest levels of the skin, pairing it with a more superficial therapy can cause even more significant enhancements. For example, we frequently complement Ultherapy® with laser treatments to remedy issues like fine lines and hyperpigmentation.

Ultherapy® in San Jose, CA

While Ultherapy® is not a replacement for a facelift or other types of plastic surgery for the face and neck, it is among the most potent alternatives available for patients desiring considerable improvements without going under the knife. Additionally, patients don’t have to worry about significant downtime after treatment. To learn more about your eligibility for Ultherapy® in San Jose, CA, contact us today to schedule your consultation!