Vaginal Tightening & Rejuvenation

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Laser Vaginal Tightening with Jenesis Ladylift

CO2 laser interaction with tissue

Tissue remodeling and collagen contraction are caused by the ablative and thermal effects unique to the CO2 laser interaction with tissue.

Do you suffer from:

  • Difficulty controlling your bladder?
  • Stress Urinary Incontinence (leakage when coughing or exercising)?
  • Urgently needing to pee (urge incontinence)?
  • Frequent night time urination?
  • Light Bladder Leakage?
  • Loss of libido or sexual satisfaction?
  • Pain during sexual intercourse?
  • Vaginal atrophy due to ageing?
  • Loss of vaginal elasticity or vaginal shortening?
  • Vaginal dryness with burning and itching?
  • Recurring Urinary Tract Infections or Thrush?
  • Having to use HRT vaginal creams regularly?
  • Post-menopausal problems?
  • An overly stretched or loose Vagina after childbirth?

Has this caused you:

  • Inconvenience, embarrassment or pain?
  • Loss of self-confidence or femininity?
  • Loss of interest in your Sex life?
  • Less intimacy in your Relationships?
  • To miss your normal life before menopause or pregnancy?
  • To look for an alternative to HRT vaginal creams and lubes?

Revolutionary vaginal retreatment

Jenesis Ladylift Vaginal Laser is a revolutionary, non-surgical, “walk in, walk out” 30 minute treatment for vaginal rejuvenation, vaginal tightening and loss of elasticity.

The treatment itself is almost painless, low risk and requires no downtime. It is suitable for most women and offers an alternative to suffering in silence or for some women, regular use of HRT creams.

Benefits of Treatment with Jenesis Ladylift

Our patients have reported:

  • Feeling like a “real woman” again
  • Feeling much more feminine – just like before menopause
  • An improved rejuvenated vagina – tighter and more lubricated
  • Better sex, increased libido and more regular intimacy
  • Improved relationships and marital harmony
  • Reduced urge to urinate when stressed or rushed
  • Less need to visit the toilet to pee – especially at night
  • Less Urinary infections and thrush
  • Less need to use HRT creams

Jenesis LadyLift is a procedure using the new precision InShape device that delivers CO2 laser energy to the vaginal wall to promote vaginal mucosal revitalization and a return to vaginal health and tighten external area with Microneedle RF needle device. The procedure is performed in an office environment without the need for anesthesia and without pain or side effects.

Vaginal health issues are commonly seen in post-menopausal women, but can affect any woman who has had a hysterectomy or cancer therapy. There are many reasons why this condition can occur and it affects millions of women.

A simple 30 minute procedure, performed two to three times, no anesthesia needed

Before and After

Before & After

Heated fibroblasts can stimulate collagen production. Formation of new collagen increases the volume of the dermis and thickens the epidermis.

Epidermis BeforeEpidermis After