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No matter how hard I diet and exercise, I can’t seem to make my calves slimmer!Have you heard of Botox injections for the lower legs? Millions of people get Botox injections for cosmetic purposes to minimize facial expression lines. Now there is a new use for the muscle-relaxing effect – to slim calf muscles. For some, no amount of diet and exercise will reduce this area. Most of the time, it is our genes that determine the shape and size of calves. At Jenesis Lipoplasty we can help you attain the slimmer calves you want by providing you with a Botox for lower leg treatment in San Jose.

The Benefits of Lower Leg Botox Injections

Calf reduction may be desired to create a smooth contour from the knees to the ankle. Thicker calf muscles can make the lower legs appear shorter, more masculine, and can make wearing skinny pants and boots difficult.

Botox is less invasive than surgical modalities to treat this area. The gastrocnemius muscle is the most superficial calf muscle and is responsible for bulkiness and definition of the calf.

How Do Botox for Lower Leg Treatments Work?

During treatment, fine needles are used to make a series of small injections evenly across the gastrocnemius muscle. While dosing will vary, 40-100 units of Botox per calf is typically used.
Injecting Botox relaxes the muscle so it can’t fully contract, which may lead to a potential two-inch decrease in calf circumference and the appearance of a slimmer leg for up to six months. There are many reasons some calves can show a stubborn resistance to slim and tone. Bad eating, lack of exercise, and being overweight are of course common causes. However, most of the time it is our genes that determine our calf size.

Before & After Results

Botox for Calves Before & After Results

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Excessively muscular calves are best treated by muscle relaxant injections (Botox) to the gastrocnemius muscles.

These are the muscles responsible for the mid to upper calf bulk.

Ultra-fine injections to both calf muscles cause the muscle fibers to shrink over time. These injections can shrink the calf muscles by anywhere from 1-7cm and results can be seen in as little as 2 weeks!

You should see peak results after 2 months, lasting at least out to 6 months.

Options for Lower Leg Fat Reduction

For those women with stubborn fat deposits in the calf region, fat-melting injections with Kybella or Deoxycholate injection provide dramatic reductions in lower leg contour without long downtime. Over several weeks the body’s immune system carries these damaged fat cells away causing permanent fat loss in these areas.

I have been a patient of Dr. Jane Chung for Botox, Active FX, and facial fat transfer treatments to combat the signs of aging for two years. I am glad to have had the privilege of experiencing Dr. Jane’s amazing touch and witness her art at work throughout all these non-surgical, minimal invasive cosmetic treatments. Additionally, detailed explanations and explicit instructions were always provided prior and after treatments. Dr. Jane is a woman of integrity and a perfectionist at heart. She is a caring and result oriented doctor who attunes to details. She generously provided many post-procedure appointments to ensure patients’ well-being. Her office staffs are friendly and knowledgeable which is helpful in the process of healing. Without any hesitation, I would recommend Jane Aesthetic to my family and friends.

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Botox for Lower Leg Potential Risks

Are there any concerns? Diminishing calf muscle size could change the way you walk or put pressure on the knees, hips, and back where it shouldn’t be. For this reason, we start with a conservative dose of Botox to use the minimal amount needed to achieve the desired goal. Excessive relaxation of the muscle may hinder activation of the calf pump, which forces blood flow from the leg to the heart, which may increase the risk of blood clots. Treating conservatively to use minimal dosing to achieve desired results will minimize these risks greatly.

Botox for Lower Leg Cost

The cost of your Botox for lower leg treatment in San Jose will depend on the amount of Botox needed to reach your desired results. Our team can go over the details of your treatment, including the expected cost, during your consultation.

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