Fractional Co2 Acne Scar

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For Various Kinds of Acne Scar

CO2 Laser Beam

Clean Precision Laser Beam from High-Peak Power CO2 LASER

The Spectral absorption of water on a wavelength of 10,600 nanometers enables CO2 surgical laser to cut, vaporize and coagulate tissue by adjusting Power Density and Energy Level.

Inflammation results from a strong response of the body to the bacteria that cause acne. Over time, this inflammation can lead to scarring. Some patients that suffer from acne are more likely to have scars than others. The Fractional CO2 Laser for acne scars is a very safe and effective treatment that helps improve the appearance of acne scar marks.

More Precisive, More Safe

Edge Pulse

Edge Pulse of Edge ONE™ conveys energy to the depth of skin and can generate a very narrow ablation zone to form the extent of thermal diffusion limited to the surrounding tissue.

Limited extend of thermal diffusion reduces the pain at time of treatment and the forming of scar after treatment

A variety of spot sizes

Much detailed spot size of 120 μm, and wide coverage of 800 μm with fast wound healing time by various beam pattern of heat delivery method.

Various beam pattern

  • Flexible approach to various application.
  • Prevent heat diffusion to surrounding normal tissues by managing space between

Micro Laser Beam


Are There Different Kinds of Acne Scars?
Yes. Acne scars are divided in different types: atrophic, hypertrophic and ice pick. Atrophic scars have a pit with smooth borders but are not deep. Hypertrophic scars, which usually occur on the chest and back, are found above the skin’s surface and may have a lumpy and thick appearance. Ice pick scars are characterized by a deep pit with pronounced and sharp edges.

What Treatments Are Available to Remove Acne Scars?
While various scar treatments have been developed over the years, the safest and most effective treatment now available is Fractional CO2 Laser. It is a new type of laser that will resurface only a part of the affected skin (hence the name “fractional), without affecting the surrounding area. This reduces the possibility of side effects and speeds up healing.

Does This Laser Treatment Really Work?
The majority of patients will begin to see improvements after around 1 week has passed following the treatment. Ongoing improvements will continue for about 6 months. While results will vary from one patient to the next, most will see an improvement ranging from 50 to 70 percent of their condition.

Is There Any Discomfort During the Procedure?
The laser treatment is done under local anesthesia and patients are given Valium to ease them into relaxation. The laser resurfacing procedure performed by Dr. Jane results in minimum discomfort and is safe for individuals of different skin types.

Can Co2 laser combine with Other Laser or Procedures?
Dr. Jane has a vast experience for acne scar treatment. She often combines with Infini RF for fast healing and better result. To decrease the risk of hyperpigmentation from CO2 laser, we offer Q switched Nd Yag Laser and PiQo4 Laser.