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Male breast liposuction is one of most commonly treated liposuction areas for men. The other popular areas are the abdomen, flanks, neck, and face. A male patient’s excessive breast fat can be carefully reduced by liposuction to improve his physical appearance.

True male breast is caused by excessive glandular breast tissue. Typically this small localized lump under the nipple that is harder than the normal surrounding fatty tissue that is composed of both adipose and fibrous glandular tissues. The causes of gynecomastia are usually alcoholism, insufficient testosterone hormone, and some medications.

As men become order, pseudo-gynecomastia can be observed in most male breasts. Also for younger obsess men, excessively fatty breasts are common. Usually, their breast are enlarged due to excessive amount of fat tissue even though the amount of glandular tissue is normal.

Removing fatty breast tissue by liposuction is easy, but removing glandular tissue is much more difficult. If necessary, Dr. Jane can recommend a mammogram before liposuction to accurately assess amount of glandular tissue that needs to be reduced.

Liposuction Method

Even though male breast liposuction is a popular procedure, the technique has not been standardized. Dr. Jane uses microcannulas in order to achieve best results with minimum scar and downtime. For muscular patients, Dr. Jane utilizes her HD ?Lipo technique to shape toned upper body. Liposuction by local anesthesia is most effective for pseudo-gynecomastia. For most true gynecomastia patients, liposuction also can improve appearance. If Dr. Jane finds the glandular breast tissue is too dense, she may recommend a surgical removal method.

Reasonable Expectation

Most patients should expect a significant improvement. Typically, liposuction will results at least 50% improvement. If the patient expects more than 50% improvement then perhaps his expectations are too high and a bit unrealistic.

Post-operative Activity and Shower

Dr. Jane advises her patients to have a short walk about inside or outside their home on the day of the surgery. The short walk will enhance drainage through open adits and minimize swelling. There is no post-operative activity restriction. However for one or two days, absorptive pads are applied to absorb the drainage and are held in place by an elastic compression garment and/or elastic binders until the drainage stops. An adequate compression will help to prevent bleeding and excessive bruising. Her patients are expected to take a shower at least once or twice daily beginning the next day of surgery.

Before and After Pictures


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Gynecomastia Treatment for MenGynecomastia Treatment for MenGynecomastia Treatment for Men

Gynecomastia Treatment for Men