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Jenesis provides the highest quality Tattoo Removal Laser available in the Bay area today.

Why choose Jenesis?

Our location is very convenient located in Bay Area, and is clean and upscaled. We use the Medlite C6 laser, which is the most state-of-the-art, award winning laser on the market today. If you decide to go with another tattoo removal specialist, please ask what type of laser they will be using on your skin. The Medlite C6 laser that we use is less painful than any other laser used. Also many times, less amount of treatments are involved, making the total cost less expensive.

The Medlite C6 by Hoya Con Bio is known as the workhorse of tattoo removal lasers for its ability to penetrate the ink and work with a wide range of colors. When choosing a clinic to remove your tattoo, accept nothing but the Medlite C6.

Versatile MedLite® C6 laser can reliably remove dark ink and red ink tattoos, as well as the increasingly common green and sky blue ink. Each color can pose challenges during laser tattoo removal if the correct wavelength is not available. Fortunately, MedLite® C6 lasers offer the correct wavelengths for full-color spectrum tattoo removal. In fact, the MedLite® C6 won the 2005 Aesthetic Trends and Technologies’ Laser & Light Choice Award for the Best Tattoo Removal Laser. That’s why MedLite® lasers are known worldwide as the first choice for multi-color tattoo removal.

Medlite C6 Advantages: Minimal risk of scarring and pigmentary changes. Less discomfort than with other systems. MedLite C6 wins award for best tattoo removal laser

Before and After Pictures


All pictures are of actual patients of our practice who have provided consent to display online. Viewers should understand that results do vary and not all individuals achieve the results depicted here. The following pages contain some nude images. By clinking on “View Images” below, you are acknowledging that you are over this legal age of 18 and are consenting to view these images.

Jensesis LipoPlasty & Laser provides treatments to patients throughout San Jose, San Francisco, Bay Area and out of town.

*Individual results may vary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does the Medlite remove tattoos?

A: The Medlite laser removes tattoos with specialized light which is absorbed by the tattoo ink. The rapid absorption of the laser energy causes the tattoo ink to break into tiny particles which is then removed by the body’s natural filtering system.

Q. What types of tattoos can be removed?

A. It can remove both professional, amateur (homemade), traumatic and surgical tattoos. However it is not recommend for use on permanent eyeliner or lipstick.

Q. How many treatments will it take to remove a tattoo?

A. The number of treatments depends on the amount and type of ink used, and also the depth of the ink in the skin. However most patients require between 8 to 12 treatments for adequate results.

Q. Does the laser remove colored tattoos?

A. Dark blue, black and red inks will resolve the best. Oranges and purples usually fade as well. Green and yellow inks are the most difficult to remove, and additional treatments are needed to produce significant fading.

Q. Will the tattoo completely disappear?

A. In many cases, yes. Greater than 95% fading of the tattoo may be accomplished. However, it is important to know that there are many types of tattoo inks in use today, none of which is regulated by the FDA. Not knowing which tattoo ink was used, or how deeply it was applied, makes it impossible to predict the degree of removal on any given tattoo.

Q. What type of post-treatment care is necessary?

A. The treated area should be kept clean. Scabbing may form, and if so, should not be picked or scratched.

Q. How does the Medlite laser remove unwanted brown spots?

A. The specialized light produced by the Medlite is absorbed by melanin pigment found within the brown spot (eg: age and liver spots, birthmarks).

Q. How many treatments will it take to remove the brown spots or pigmented lesions?

A. Most pigmented lesions are removed within 1 to 3 treatments. Some deeper lesions require more treatments.

Q. How is Laser Tattoo Removal performed?

A. The laser is applied with pulses lasting micro-seconds. Sometimes it is accompanied by a short burst of Freon type substance or other freezing agent shortly before to minimize pain. It takes about 180 pulses for a small tattoo the size of a box of matches. You will wear glasses protect your eyes. It is really quite simple.

Q. What should I expect after Laser Tattoo Removal?

A. The treatment area will be swollen, red and very tender. It is really like a burn. Blisters may form. Do not pick at the skin, let it heal naturally. You will ice it down for the first 24 hours and thereafter for comfort. It will crust up and eventually fall off. In the months ahead your body will dispose of the cracked ink by its normal waste disposal protocol.

Q. When will I be able to see the results?

A. You will notice some gradual fading over the course of anywhere from few weeks to 8 months. It is so gradual that you may not think that it was a waste of time and money. That is the purpose of the before photos. It takes the body time to dispose of the broken ink particles.

Q. What are the risks of Laser Tattoo Removal?

A. Minor burns from defective machinery and/or unskilled technicians are possible as well as infection (although very unlikely) of the scabbed areas.

Q. Can I go in the sun after Laser Tattoo Removal?

A. You can go out in the sun after a treatment as long as it is covered from the sun. However, sun exposure before full recovery could severely damage your skin. Do not expose your treatment area to the sun for at least 2 weeks, and even then, apply sun block. The laser literally evaporated some of the layers of skin in the process so you will have little natural protection.