What is Lipoplasty?

Lipoplasty is an art of the Liposuction and Fat Transfer

smartlipo laserlipolysis What is LipoplastyBody and Face Contouring with Your Own Fat!

  1. Revision Liposuction
  2. Face & Neck Liposuction
  3. Nonsurgical Lift
  4. Adivive Fat Transfer
  5. Leg Liposuction
  6. Buttock Fat Transfer
  7. Penile Enlargement

Lipoplasty is a art of sculpting by trimming and reducing excess fat, which is then put back in to the areas where you need such as buttocks, breasts, around the hollow eyes, and saggy cheeks in a very artistic way. Lipoplasty can make the body and face more beautiful and artistically balanced without knives or artificial implants. It can be adapted to the face successfully as natural looking, nonsurgical facelift.

Many people seeking a perkier, firmer backside use fat transfer to add volume and improve the texture of the faces, breasts, or buttocks without any the risks of invasive surgery. Other areas that can be treated with fat grafting include the hands, sternum, hips, biceps, triceps, and calves. Fat transfer can even effectively diminish superficial scars by filling in the area surrounding the scar tissue and creating a smooth, firm surface. Fat Transfer truly can be used to create a nicely rejuvenated face, in someone with loss of fat over the years from his/her face, or someone who has had a facelift and wants more plumpness in their face.

Recently, fat grafting has been shown to have the added benefits of stem cells, found in the injected fat, which not only provide volume, but also create skin improvement, wrinkle improvement, and other positive changes that are not explainable by volume alone.

A highly specialized procedure that takes years to perfect and master, Dr. Jane has been using Micro-Fat Grafting technique to rejuvenate and contour her patients since she learned the original technique from many doctors from Europe, South Korea, and the US as well. Dr. Jane modified and created her own technique to provide long lasting, pleasing aesthetic results, and adapted the technique to contour the face, hands, breasts, penis and buttocks.

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