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Tired of being told of being told you look tired?
Banish dark spots, enlarged pores, and redness, Acne, Scar with your own blood and Hyalronic acid without surgery

If you pursue this, you really want someone who knows what they’re doing. Injecting dermal fillers under the eye is, Dr. Jane warns, a very “technique-dependent” procedure. The filler needs to be injected from deep under the muscle or right above the orbital bone rather than into the superficial layers of the skin. An inexpert job can lead to puffiness. At Jenesis, Dr. Jane does all the filler procedure by herself for patients.

One of the most common complaints that patients have about their eyes is the
appearance of dark circles under the eyes. But there are many factors can cause dark circle. Some dark circles can be the result of shadows from bulging under eye fat or bags, or from under eye hollowness. Under eye hollowness can be caused by either a weak cheek bone and deficient oribital rim, or from deficient under eye fat. Frequently, under eye dark circles are the result of lower lid hollowness. This hollowness can even occur in younger patients and is often the result of decreased volume in the lower lid and upper cheek areas. This under eye hollowness is sometimes genetic.

Dr. Jane has successfully used facial fillers to restore the natural volume and improve the under eye hollowness. Under eye filler injections have minimized the appearance of persistent dark. Restylane and other HA facial fillers can be long lasting, even up to a year or greater. Under eye filler injection is quick, virtually pain free, and has little if any down time. During your consultation, Dr. Jane can thoroughly evaluate your specific concern and suggest the best possible treatment for under eye dark circles.

New Cell Therapy with Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma is Available at Jenesis
Jenesis is proud to be one of the first clinics in USA in the Cosmetic arena chosen to launch. Dr. JaneChung Founder of Skin & Body Research already have demonstrated the successful treatment results.

We acquired an advanced process of facial rejuvenation with autologous platelet-rich plasma. Can be delivered to the anaesthetized skin by direct injection with a conventional hypodermic syringe and small bevelled needle to make the skin tighter or brighter or even to promote new hair growth after hair restoration surgery.

The skin has to be numbed with topical anesthetic cream and subcutaneous injection of local anesthetic agent. All make-up should have been removed prior to this procedure of skin biostimulation. The needle pricks in the skin are needed to kick-start the healing process of the REJUVENATION and proliferation of fibroblasts that will produce collagen needed to rejuvenate your skin. The process is slow and takes about 3 months, although good results are perceptible as early as 2-3 weeks. The rejuvenated fibroblasts last for a while and them succumb again to the inevitable chronological aging process and become tired.

Advanced injection Hyaluronic acid and vitamin C is a new technique to improve the hollowness and dark circle around the eyes for natural rejuvenation need. Admixture of the hyaluronic acid injectate may well enhance the brightenin and tightening effect and engrafting of transferred fat.

Typically, a series of laser or light skin rejuvenation therapies are recommended along with autologous fat transfer to improve skin quality.

Major Benefits

  • Quantifiable improvement of skin complexion with visible changes noticeable in 3-4 weeks-especially forehead, cheeks, neck and back of hands
  • Increased survival rate of the tranfered fat
  • More tightening result with Fraxel or Active FX laser resurfacing


Q. What results should I expect from the treatment

A. Results are visible at 3 weeks and improve gradually over ensuing months with improvement in texture and tone. Cosmeceutical and Light therapies can enhance the results.
Advanced wrinkling cannot be reversed and a minimal improvement is predictable in persons with alcohol and tobacco abuse. Combination therapy is advisable talk to Dr. Jane. Severe scarring may not respond. Further plasma treatment is also popular and safe. Is effective and well tolerated, but patient selection is important if predictable results are to be expected.

Q. Is the procedure safe?

A. It is safe treatment because autologous (your own) plasma is used. Expect mild redness, swelling, bruising and minor discomfort.

Q. What is the potential side effects?


  • Intra-vascular injection ( thrombus)
  • Nerve trauma (very rare)
  • Haematoma/ bruising (common , down-time 24-48 hours, and completely reversible)
  • Secondary infection (very rare)
  • Peri-orbital swelling (reversible in all cases)

Why Jenesis?

When it comes to improving your appearance, many people are worried about ending up with a bad result. At Jenesis Lipoplasty & Laser, we help people look their best without looking fake or unnatural. We are known for our eye for detail and artistic skill so that you will look beautiful and natural. Personal Message From Dr. Jane
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Dr. Jane Chung is dedicated to helping you achieve the body of your dreams through customized lipoplasty procedures.

A Slimmer More Beautiful Body With Lipoplasty

Eliminate Excess Fat

Get rid of that excess fat in the most stubborn areas of your body.

Recontour Your Body

Use that removed fat to improve different aspects of your body such as your buttocks, breasts, cheeks, and eyes.

Safer and More Reliable

Utilizing your own fat means a lower chance of risks and a more natural end-result.

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