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“Liposuction (Lipoplasty) and Fat Transfer procedures are two of cosmetic surgeries that require artistic hands. These procedures excites me because I can use my artistic talent.” – Jenesis Medical Director, Dr. Jane

Some people have stubborn areas of fat cells that will not shrink no matter how much they diet or exercise. The common areas for these fat pockets include the love handles, hips, inner thighs, saddle back, buttocks, ankles, and even upper arms. Millions of arm lifts may strengthen our triceps muscles, but that doesn’t necessarily reduce the amount of fat surrounding those muscles on the upper arms.

With Jenesis’s Laser/Vaser Assisted Body Contouring Liposuction procedure, you can permanently remove fat from your problem area, helping you to achieve an amazing new look with very artistic way. Jenesis uses the latest laser and ultrasonic technology to help turn your dream into a beautiful reality. Get ready to wear that bathing suit with confidence!

Dr. Jane has been practicing cosmetic surgery for more than 15 years and she specializes in Body and Face contouring with Smartlipo Liposuction, Vaser Liposelection, and Fat Transfer. Over the years, Dr. Jane has developed her own liposuction and fat transfer techniques to improve results. Some of these techniques are “Finger Tip Lipo”, “Jenesis Stem Cell Harvesting”, “L by L Fat Injection”, and “Micro Fat Distribution.” Using the most advanced technologies and her special techniques, Dr. Jane can give you back your youthful and natural look in addition to vitality with minimal downtime. Dr. Jane’s experience, artistry and innovation can help you bring out the natural beauty of your face, skin and body.

smartlipo laserlipolysis Why Jenesis”We are getting amazing results with Dr. Jane’s unique techniques. Our patients are happier right away because they start to see results immediately after the surgery. With Dr. Jane’s advanced techniques, we can promise to our patients predictable outcomes with excellent skin tightening and less bruising and less downtime.“ – Jenesis Patient Consultation Leader, Anna

Dr. Jane is continuing to discover new and improved methods of face and body sculpting with her background as a pathologist. Dr. Jane and her staffs are always happy to answer your questions.  Schedule your complimentary consultation today to begin your journey to looking and feeling your best.

Jenesis’s State-of-Art outpatient surgery facility is located in the heart of Silicon Valley. The facility includes a very upscale spa where our patients can have all of supported follow-up post-cares at one place.

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