Permanent Make-Up

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At Jenesis, our Certified permanent make-up Artist specializes in natural looking microbladed eyebrows and eyeliners. Tammy Ju is licensed to legally perform 4D microblading and permanent make-up. Our facility has been inspected and verified by *Santa Clara County Department of Public Health. Our priority is a safety and satisfaction. We use a disposable blade and sterilize the metal hand-piece with a medical grade autoclave to prevent any infection and cross contamination.

We can create gorgeous arches, modern semi-straight eyebrows, or whatever desired look you wish. The best part of having beautifully natural looking microbladed eyebrows and ombre eyeliners, is that you do not need to take the time to do your eyebrows daily or just a little touch up for your natural looking eyebrows and eyeliners. Your eyebrows will be looking beautifully full when you wake up, when you are exposed to water or sweat! Microblading is the perfect solution for having the best looking eyebrows, wherever you go. From the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep, your brows will be perfect.

Hair Stroke Microblading & Ombre

The newest technique in permanent eyebrow makeup is called hair-stroke, microblading, or 4D eyebrow embroidery. This advanced hair simulation technique involves the use of a special microblading pen to push semi-permanent pigments into the surface of the skin, creating ultra-fine, individual hair strokes. The meticulous artist, Tammy at JENESIS varies the length, direction, fullness, and even color of the strokes to mimic the growth of your natural hair. In addition to 4D microblading, Ombré can be the secret to perfect natural looking brows. Ombre is permanent powdered brows technique for clients who prefer fuller result than hair strokes but still very soft. It’s a technique which looks like daily makeup done with eyebrow pencil or eyebrow shadow. The tails of the brow are darker and fade into a light beginning to the brow, giving a perfect Ombre makeup affect.

Durability of Microblading

The durability of the pigment depends mostly on the skin type and lifestyle. It lasts unto two years depending on your skin type. On oily skin, it usually lasts less on oily skin and it lasts longer on dry skin.

We do include a 40- 60 minute perfecting touch up session after your brows are fully healed, typically within 8 weeks. The touch up appointment within 2 months is recommended for best result. A touchup once a year is recommended to retain the saturation of the pigment

Procedure and Safety

First we consult with the client about their wishes and evaluate the condition of the eyebrows to insure best results. Drawings are created and corrected until the guest is fully satisfied with the results. We match the color of the pigment with your hair color and skin tone. The procedure takes about 2-4 hours. We meet strict hygiene standards and is in compliance with all relevant permit requirements

Before and After Pictures

Permanent Makeup Photo
Permanent Makeup Photo



  • A $ 50 deposit is required for booking appointments. Clients may pay in person or over the phone. On the day of your appointment, this deposit will be applied to the total cost of the service.
  • For cancellations, the deposit is ONLY refundable if 7 days notice is given. For rescheduling, the deposit is ONLY transferable if 7 days advance notice is given.

Appointment Confirmation

  • We will call you to confirm your appointment.
  • You MUST call or e-mail us back with a confirmation. If we do not hear from you, you will lose your appointment and deposit.

The Day of Your Appointment

  • If for any reason you decide not to proceed with the Microblading service on the day of your appointment, the above-mentioned deposit will not be refunded.
  • If you are unsure about proceeding with the service after the initial consultation, Kristin has the right to refuse service and accept the non-refundable deposit as a consultation fee.

How to Prepare

  • To help prevent excessive bleeding, please refrain from consuming pain relievers/killers, fish oils, and blood thinners unless directed by your physician.
  • Do not consume alcoholic beverages and caffeine the night before and the day of your tattoo.
  • Please refrain from exercising on the day of the procedure.
  • Do not apply glycolic acid, chemical peels, retinoids, exfoliators or any products that cause sensitivity to your skin 10 days prior to your appointment.


  • On DAY ONE, please avoid any moisture or water on your eyebrows. If the area accidentally gets wet from water, sweat, or oil, please pat dry with clean tissue.
  • On DAY TWO, begin using a cotton swab to apply a very thin and clear coat of the ointment we provide twice a day for 5 days. You may also begin gently cleaning the area with water and mild/unscented soap. Remember to pat the area dry with clean tissue afterwards.
  • DO NOT pick, scratch, or rub your tattoo under any circumstances.
  • DO NOT cover your eyebrows with bandages, plastic wrap, tape, etc.
  • DO NOT apply makeup on the tattooed area for 7-14 days until your tattoo has healed completely.
  • NO swimming, hot yoga, saunas, steam rooms, hot tubs, or tanning beds.
  • The tattoo usually takes 7-14 days to heal. During the healing process, you may experience minor redness, tenderness, swelling, scabbing, and itchiness.
  • After the procedure, the tattoo may or may not scab and will appear dark and unnatural. The tattoo will lighten about 30-50%, depending on the client’s skin type.
  • It is IMPORTANT to notify us immediately if you notice any signs of allergic reaction or infection.

Retouch Session

  • Your ONE free retouch session must be used within 8 weeks from the initial session date.
Additional Touch-Up Fees:

2-3 months: $100 1 session
3-12 months: $200 1 session
12-18 months: $300 1 session
18-24 months: $400 1 session
24+ months: $550 1 session + 1 free retouch
For returning clients only. Applies immediately after the initial free retouch. If you miss or reschedule within 7 days of your free retouch appointment for any reason, the above touch up fees will apply (calculated from the initial session date).

  • Any existing tattoo from another technician will be considered a new client and will be charged full price.
  • Appointments are subject to availability.
  • All prices are subject to change at any time without notice.

*Prior to the new state law, Santa Clara County adopted a local ordinance to regulate body art and has implemented a body art program to permit and inspect practitioners and facilities since 2006. Our local ordinance and the new state law apply to the practice of tattooing, body piercing, permanent cosmetics, and branding.

A body art practitioner with a Practitioner Registration issued from any other jurisdiction within California has limited reciprocity. This is intended to allow the Practitioner to practice within this county and any other county in California for 5 consecutive days, but no more than 15 days total, in a calendar year. Blood Borne Pathogen Exposure Control Training Courses must be in compliance with the Safe Body Art Law (AB 300) Section 119307(c).