Claris Hong Patient Testimonial

Revision Liposuction: Full thigh

I am 35 years old and single. I finally owned my first pair of jeans after 35 year old. I am 5′ 3″ and was once 180lbs (85 kg). I grew up being an overweight kid all my life until I turned 18. I was born in Asia, being a kid of 180lbs in Asia you can never find anything that will fit. My parents always had to custom tailor all my clothes. I started to go on diet when I turned sixteen. It took me almost two years to lose 60 lbs. Even though I lost 60 lbs, there are areas on my body where I could never lose an inch. I ended up with measurements of my body at 34 inch (breast), my body (waist), and 42 (hips and ended up with measurements of 26 inch at 34 inch (breast), 26 (thighs). I had a huge pear-shaped body. I had tried almost all kinds available in the market, and I worked out on at least 4 times a week. But the only area where I kept losing inches was my top.

I had my first liposuction when I was 30 years old. I was recommended to Dr. X in Los Gatos, to whom I paid $12,000 for my first liposuction. I underwent a traditional liposuction; it was a painful recovery experience. Why?

The recovery time was long – I could barely move or walk for at least a month or two. My legs were still feeling sensitive after 6 months.

More Expensive – The traditional liposuction is more expensive because you have to pay extra for the anesthesiologist.

Cellulite – Beware of cellulite problem.

I ended with s smaller pear shape of bottom. The worst part is the cellulite on my legs had increased tremendously that I had indentation all over my legs. I always thought that is the consequences of liposuction until I met Dr. Jane. Dr. Jane had changed my life. She make my dream come true, the dream that mean a lot to me: owning my first pair of jeans. I want to say thank you Dr. Jane.

Why did I choose to have Laser/Vaser Advanced Lipo?

I did my second and third liposuction using Smartlipo Laser Lipo with Dr. Jane. The recovery period was short. After 6 hours of surgery, I was back to work in 48 hours. I was back to my workout regime within 7 days. The result is amazing. Dr. Jane had improved my indentation problem and now I have a more attractive bottom body shape. The cost is also a lot cheaper than the traditional liposuction. You save the costs of an anesthesiologist, which could also easily be $2500 to $4000 in addition for 1 to 8 hours surgery. Beyond that Dr. Jane also provides three sessions of laser treatment after the liposuction to help continue to melt the fat in your body.

Why did you choose Jenesis by Dr. Jane?

Dr. Jane is honest. She cares for all her patients. She treats your body like a piece of art. She will always do her best to make you look the best. She will always recommend the best result for your own benefit. She is a specialist in sculpting and she also has an eye for beauty. Having the eyes for beauty is the key for cosmetic surgery. That is what money cannot buy. My first doctor in Las Gatos surely did not have an eye for beauty. I ended up with a deformed shape of the bottom, so I had to spend more money to fix the problem and to go through surgery again in order to achieve my final goal.

What is your experience?

My experience is FABULOUS! Everyone in Dr. Jane’s office treats you like family. They make you feel special and comfortable. Everyone who works there had experienced most of the procedures; therefore they can share with you their true experience. Compared to traditional liposuction, Laser Lipo and Vaser Lipo have an extremely easy recovery. There are no stitches in Laser and Vaser Lipo. If I had a choice at the beginning (1ST liposuction), my first choice would be Jenesis Advanced Liposuction.

What has this done for me?

It boosted up my confidence level. I feel like I blend in with the society, I am normal now. People used to ask me all the time, “How come I had never seen you in pants? Why do you always wear the same type of skirt?” Now, I have people tell me, “Sexy butt!” I had never dreamed that I would ever hear that kind of compliment to me. The result keeps me motivated; I work out at least 4-6 days a week. I take part in more physically demanding activities such as jogging and hiking. Before, I had to limit my outdoor activities because I could not fit into any pants to look good. Definitely, I could not go hiking in my dress or skirt because that would really make me look weird. This is also the lifestyle that I had dreamed about. I am a happy camper!

Would you recommend this procedure to a friend?

I am PROUD to recommend Dr. Jane to everyone I know. It has been a life-changing experience for me. I want people around me to have the same experience. I want you to make the right decision too. You will have no regrets to select Dr. Jane for your procedure. I had recommended many people around me to see Dr. Jane. They all only have good things to say about her. Her honesty and integrity is what all of us respect about her. We all have only one face and body, therefore selecting the right doctor at the very beginning is the key. Dr Jane will make you look naturally beautiful.

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