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Over the years of ceaseless efforts to provide innovative and stable solution to physicians and patients, AGNES has become one of the most dynamic and innovative developers of the RF energy-based aesthetic and medical treatment system. Developing our own system and treatment protocols, our mission is to provide the satisfaction to the patients. and the opportunity of success and growth to our partners. Our innovation will continue and we care for our patients ‘ satisfaction and safety.


AGNES Radiofrequency Micro-needling Device has been introduced in the global aesthetic practices for minimally invasive dermatological procedures. Aesthetic procedures can be a form of art and through AGNES RF’s incredible precision of Micro Blade Pin, the freedom to personalize settings, and the concentrated RF delivery, AGNES RF helps the patients to get the best end result.


RF System 1MHz, Monopolar & Skin Booster

Square Form Wave minimizes the deviation of energy to adjacent tissues and maximizes the effectiveness of RF energy delivery.

Safety and Guaranteed Result of Treatment

AGNES is equipped with the safety checking system for the Micro Blade Pin. The Micro Blade Pin and needle protects the epidermis from the skin burns. The length of insulation and needle is the result of anatomical and clinical study of years. Just follow the easy-to-do treatment protocols and the prognostics will always be predictable and manageable.

How AGNES RF is different from others?

AGNES Medical has innovated RF energy delivery by developing a Square Wave energy form never seen before in other RF microneedling devices. Most other RF energy based devices use a bell-shaped Sine wave form. The down ward slope of the curved wave carries residual energy that may potentially burn skin during treatments.

Before & After of Acne Agnes RF


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