The ideal male chest is generally well defined and muscular, but in some individuals, it might become loose and saggy due to excessive fat. Pseudogynecomastia is often a result of bad diet and lack of exercise. It occurs mostly in men who are overweight. Having excess fat in the chest area can alter a man’s appearance and significantly decrease their confidence levels.

Gynecomastia is a condition caused by an hormonal imbalance in men. The condition causes the male breast tissue to swell and sag. It cannot be treated with exercise and diet alone, and requires surgical solutions. Pseudogynecomastia on the other hand, is abnormal fat deposition in the chest and is easier to treat.

By undergoing a liposuction procedure, the excess fat can be removed in a patient who experiences pseudogynecomastia without any visible side effects.

How is Liposuction Used for Treating Pseudo Gynecomastia?

The area under the nipple is the most vulnerable area for fat deposition in males. During liposuction, this particular area is targeted. First, a local anesthesia is used on the patient. Next, a small incision is made on the area under the nipple. The excess fatty tissues are removed from the region through a tube that is inserted through the incision.

The liposuction technique used is safe and effective. After the procedure is completed, the chest can look more toned and masculine.

Recovery Period

As with every other surgery, you will feel a little discomfort after the procedure is completed, but it will subside within a week. Your surgeon will give you specific instructions and medications that will help you protect the site of surgery and accelerate healing. It is usually recommended to take a few days off work.

In the first two months, heavy physical activity should be avoided at all cost. You can wear a pressure garment to keep the surgical area protected from outside factors and help your chest return to its normal shape.

Many of the patients who undergo the procedure don’t experience any problems afterwards, but there are a few cases that do exist. In case you feel there is something wrong or you experience discomfort or pain even after the stipulated recovery time, you should contact your surgeon as soon as possible.

It is important that you understand the cause of your problem before it gets serious. Your surgeon will provide expert guidance and care so that you may experience the best results possible.

Improve the look of Your Chest with Liposuction

Liposuction is very useful for removing fat deposits from almost any part of the body. It is a popular technique used in treating pseudogynecomastia patients. For most individuals, it is an embarrassing condition that they want removed. Men who suffer from it can finally experience some relief after undergoing the procedure. The recovery time is fast and risks are almost negligible.

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