Tattoos are a popular way for people to display their personalities or show their love for something or someone. For some people, they aren’t just trendy representations of something, but a way for them to express themselves. There are times, however, when someone may change their mind about a tattoo, and they start to feel trapped with their decision to get one.

If this sounds like you, then a laser tattoo removal procedure might be the answer to your problems. This treatment can be used to remove any troubling tattoo and make it as if it were never there.

Remove Unwanted Tattoos with Q-Switched Laser Technology

The laser technology used to remove tattoos is known as a Q-switch laser or ultra short pulse laser. It provides patients with a safe and effective solution to tattoo removal. It has a very low risk of complication and guarantees minimal side effects.

Removing a tattoo with laser technology limits the chance of scarring. During the treatment, intense pulsed light will be applied to the skin. The light will travel deep into the skin in order to break the ink particles which ultimately fades the tattoo. The process known as photothermolysis is used in laser hair removal as well to target tissue in a specific area.

A technique called Q-Switching is used during the tattoo removal process. There are three types of lasers that make use of this technique and they are:

• Q-switched ruby – useful for removing black and blue ink.
• Q-switched Alexandrite – useful for dark or brightly colored pigments, including green and yellow.
• Q-switched Nd: YAG – the newest and most effective laser since it produces green and red light.

Choosing the right type of laser depends on the pigment color of the tattoo. If it is yellow or green, it will be harder to remove, while colors like blue and black are much easier to get rid of. Black and blue are easy to remove because these colors absorb all the laser wavelengths.

You should talk to a trained professional before undergoing the treatment. Your doctor can help you understand details about the procedure and answer any of the questions you have. The treatment is performed on an outpatient basis and is done in either a single or series of sittings, depending on your needs.

The number of sittings is determined by the size and scope of the affected area. Other factors like your skin color and the depth of the tattoo pigment will also be taken into consideration.

A common question many people ask about this procedure is whether it is painful or not. You may experience some discomfort during the treatment, but it will subside in time. The size of the treatment area and the type of ink used will determine how much discomfort you feel during the procedure.

If the discomfort becomes too severe, your doctor may suggest certain products like ibuprofen or paracetamol may help ease it away. You should make sure to follow your doctors orders about which medication to take as some can lead to bruising.

Laser tattoo removal is a huge decision so due attention should be given to both research and selecting a qualified doctor to perform the treatment.

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