Body contouring is a cosmetic procedure in which excess fat in areas of the body like the thighs, buttocks, arms, and abdomen is removed to improve the shape and appearance of the body.
Over the years, body contouring has become quite popular and an increasing number of patients are opting to undergo body contouring procedures.

Modern body contouring techniques utilize laser technology and have become incredibly popular due to their efficiency and effectiveness. Plastic surgeons prefer the use of laser since it means minimal scarring and downtime and better results.

The Zerona laser body contouring is one of the most recent advances in laser-assisted body contouring.

What Is Zerona Laser Body Contouring?

The Zerona laser body contouring treatment uses a low energy laser to melt the excess fat cells in the desired areas of the body. Once the fat cells have been melted, they are naturally assimilated by the body’s natural processes, resulting in an enhanced appearance.

How Does The Zerona Laser Body Contouring Work?

Since it is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure, there are many advantages like minimal side effects and recovery time. In addition, there are no scars or incisions involved. The Zerona treatment takes place over 6 sessions spaced 2 to 3 days apart. The entire procedure takes anywhere between 30 to 40 minutes per session.

The procedure is performed in a dark room. In the initial 20 minutes, the low-frequency beam of light is aimed toward the specific target areas that require treatment in front of the body. In the next 20 minutes, target areas located on the back of the body are treated.

With each session, the fat cells in the treated areas begin losing the cellular components and break down. Gradually, they are absorbed into the body and removed through its natural processes.

Patients do not generally experience any pain during this treatment, but there may be a slight tingling sensation.

After The Procedure

The procedure has minimal side effects and typically patients can resume their normal routine within a day or so barring any complications. Results of the procedure are visible immediately. Generally, the results last anywhere between three to six months and can be maintained by following a healthy lifestyle that includes lots of exercise and a balanced diet.

Zerona body contouring does not only remove the excess fat. It also tones and tightens the body and provides satisfactory results that look natural.

Who Is A Good Candidate For The Zerona Laser Body Contouring?

If you are in relatively good health, you will make an ideal candidate for the Zerona laser body contouring treatment. Patients with low to moderate body fat are likely to get better results with this procedure as compared to patients who are on the heavier or obese side. Remember that the laser only burns fat cells. The surrounding tissues will remain unharmed and intact.

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